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Remote I-9 Release!

Robal's New Remote I-9 Feature!

Today Robal is thrilled to unveil updates to its groundbreaking product, Remote I-9! Designed to help facilitate the physical inspection of your Form I-9 documents. To make this process easier Robal gives you the ability to select an authorized representative to physically inspect your Form I-9 Documents combining cutting-edge features with unparalleled functionality.

At Robal we understand the need to listen and stay ahead of the ever-changing world of technology and HR. Our customer success team communicates the needs, wants, and wishes of our customers to our product development team. With that key cross-functional communication we can consistently enhance our current features and build new products in a timely manner to make sure our customers never have to worry.

New Features

  • Electronic Audit Trail – Companies can be more assured that the I-9 is done correctly. Robal has added IP addresses and Geo Location information for both the employee and the authorized representative into the electronic Audit Trail.
  • The ability for the employee to revoke access at any time just in case wrong information was entered when adding in an Authorized Representative. 

Coming Soon

  • Talent and workforce management system.
  • Self-service bulk upload of users.
  • A free trial version of the I-9 solution.
  • Partnership with Jobadder.
  • State tax enhancements.
  • To learn more about this groundbreaking product, visit

About Robal

Robal is a Human Resource Information System (HRIS) designed to reduce the HR workload. It puts talent and workforce management into one single sign-on solution.

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