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Robal Feature Release

Robal Third Quarter Feature Release

At Robal we understand the need to listen and stay ahead of the ever changing world of technology and HR. We consistently enhance our current features and build new products. Take a look at our 3rd quarter feature release!

New Feature: Updated I-9

Companies can perform any type of I-9 verification they want: physical remote verification, in person, or the new Alternative Procedure (Live Video). Employers can worry less because every step the I-9 takes is captured on an electronic Audit Trail that is available with a click of your mouse. We have also made it streamlined for employees so it’s easy to fill out and complete with whatever method the Employer chooses to use.

New Feature: JobAdder Integration

Robal welcomed Jobadder as a partner. With Jobadder, companies can connect their crucial recruiting tools, onboarding, and applicant tracking (ATS). The integration creates an uninterrupted experience for the recruiter/hiring manager and candidate. With the two-way API flow, information about the candidate is sent between Robal and Jobadder making the recruiting process smoother, faster, and more accurate. Recruiter(s) no longer need to update individual systems, which can cause misinformation on a candidate’s progress. Now employers can successfully manage applicants applying, while also managing candidates’ onboarding to ensure a resistance-free experience.


  • Performance: A need for speed!  We’ve sped the portal up. We have executed several improvements to make reports, detail pages, and PDFs load faster. Why? Because who likes to wait?
  • Phone: We live in a world where we can carry our life in a pocket. I can’t stand it when I can’t do something on my phone. We also fixed that with better formatting so you don’t need to search for a PC or twist and turn your phone to press a button.
  • Directions: We all like to believe we’re tech-savvy and can figure things out without assistance. The easy way out is to blame the system, and sometimes that’s right. Robal doesn’t want to be that way. So we included more intuitive language through the portal to help guide you. We’re always looking for better ways to tell you how to do things, so if you see something, let us know at

Robal is a full-service onboarding solution supporting employers and employees. We offer the ability for employees to complete all the federal, local, state, and company specific required documentation with guardrails for employees and employers. Manage your certifications, licenses, training requirements, and credentials through our badging mechanism.  New employees can find PTO forms, HR contact information, report injuries and find your handbook all in the same portal.  We are built with ease to provide accessibility to internal and external users. Feel more assured that your company is compliant with ever-changing laws with Robal.

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