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Robal employee onboarding

HR Tech Conference 2023
Simplify Employee Onboarding

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HR Solution Software

Our HR solution software provides employers with the framework to enhance applicant retention and enables candidates to discover suitable opportunities more effectively.

Robal Onboarding Dashboard

Human Resource Information System

Robal is a Human Resource Information System designed to reduce the HR workload.

Employee Onboarding Sofware

Reduce downtime, allow applicants and employees to complete paperwork without errors, and save money for your company.

Single Sign-On Solution

Everything you need to hire and grow your workforce. Robal puts talent and workforce management into one single sign-on solution.

Robal Features All In One Place

New Hire Onboarding

By streamlining processes and bundling all pertinent information, Robal cuts the typical onboarding and paperwork time in half.

Our badging system prescreens employees for skills and certifications. And our W-2 onboarding process – tracking the progress of applicants – meets all DHS requirements.

The Robal Dashboard is a quick glance to see how the onboarding of your new candidates is progressing. The dashboard is updated in real-time to show any onboarding that is completed, pending verification, or not started. Coming soon you will be able to filter out your dashboard to show candidates in 90, 60, 30, and 7 day stages.

  • Allow employees to complete paperwork with no errors.
  • Reduce questions from staff through our intuitive design.
  • Skills management allows for proper hiring and promotional opportunities.
  • Manage required documents for employment with and without expiration dates.
  • Complete the E-Verification process within the software.
  • Ideal for start-ups and mid-size companies.
Document Management

Robal’s Backpack feature safely and securely stores all employee documents – from onboarding materials to certifications to employment information – in one place

Robal’s Backpack feature safely and securely stores all employee documents – from onboarding materials to verified certifications to employment information – in one place

For employers, that makes background access simple. And for talent, it means their information (except I-9) travels with them to other employers.

Backpack allows an easy way to share information with a company.

A badge is a tool that verifies an employee’s abilities and accomplishments. Badges are earned by uploading appropriate documentation of pertinent achievements. Employers can view badges and may require them in the hiring process.

Reports and Analytics

At Robal, we know every employer has its own culture and work systems. That’s why we make it simple for your organization to create custom implementation plans.

We make it easier for your HR team to search by skills and experience, track performance, assess credentials reporting and analyze long-term effects of your hiring on your company.

  • Applicant Report
  • Badge Report
  • I-9 Audit Report
  • I-9 Physical Inspection Report
  • Payroll Report
  • Weekly Reports
Robal API

API Integration

You don’t have to disrupt your IT systems to make them work harder for you.

Our Robust Infrastructure backed by AWS, is providing us with the capacity, performance, and speed to integrate the Robal platform with employers and their technology with flexible and secure API’s, WebHooks, and WebSockets.

This allows different software applications to communicate with each other in one place.

Open API Documentation Publishing 2023

Robal Digital Wallet

With the Robal Wallet features right in your personal portal, it makes life easier for everyone.

  • Submit payment info
  • Digital paystub
  • Digital Benefit Enrollment and access to their Benefit information
  • Direct Deposit
  • Alternative pay enrollment (Pay card)
  • Payroll System & Payroll Report
Remote i9

Remote I-9 helps employers stay compliant with USCIS regulations. 

Robal’s new product, Remote I-9, aids employers in adhering to USCIS’s physical inspection regulations. Employers, or their designate, must check US employment eligibility papers in person for all new hires beginning August 1st. If employers did not physically inspect their employees’ documents upon completion of the I-9 since March 2020, these must be remedied.



Maximize WOTC benefits with our user-friendly software. Eliminate manual entry and third-party fees. 

Export Employee forms straight from Robal who are elegible for the WOTC.

Easily import WOTC forms to the state. No more manual entries, thanks to our hassle-free solution!

Maximize your tax credit without relying on external companies. Our user-friendly software ensures you keep the most of your credit.

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