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Robal Onboarding

Onboarding Highlights

Allow employees to complete paperwork with no errors.

Reduce questions from staff through our intuitive design.

Skills management allows for proper hiring and promotional opportunities.

Manage required documents for employment with and without expiration dates.

Complete the E-Verification process within the software.

Ideal for start-ups and mid-size companies.

Onboarding Dashboard

Onboarding All-In-One Place

Robal Onboarding Dashboard

Robal Dashboard

Robal Backpack

Robal Backpack

Seamless Onboarding

By streamlining processes and bundling all pertinent information, 
Robal cuts the typical onboarding & paperwork time in half.
Robal Onboarding Dashboard

Robal Dashboard

The Robal Dashboard is a quick glance to see how the onboarding of your new candidates is progressing. The dashboard is updated in real-time to show any onboarding that is completed, pending verification, or not started. Coming soon you will be able to filter out your dashboard to show candidates in 90, 60, 30, and 7 day stages.

Robal Badging System

Our badging system prescreens employees for skills and certifications. And our W-2 onboarding process – tracking the progress of applicants – meets all DHS requirements.