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Robal Wallet

Robal Wallet

  • Submit payment info
  • Digital paystubs
  • Digital Benefit Enrollment and access to their Benefit information
  • Direct Deposit
  • Alternative pay enrollment (Pay card)
  • Payroll System & Payroll Report

With all these features right in their personal portal, it makes life easier for everyone.

Robal User

Robal Users

The Robal Wallet provides you the ability to submit payment info, view & download paystubs, view benefit enrollment info, receive direct deposits and access your W-2. All done inside our staffing portal.

Robal Customer

Robal Customers

The wallet is built for our customers to integrate their payroll system into the Robal platform. Generate payroll reports to keep track of your employees in Robal.

Branch App

Branch App

Robal has a partnership with Branch App that allows customers to have an alternative payment option for their employees with Pay Cards.

To learn more about Branch App, click here.

Branch App

Branch offers a free digital card that gives employees fast and flexible access to their earnings.

To learn more about Branch App, click here.

Direct Deposit

Robal offers free Direct Deposits so employees can get paid fast!

Payroll Report

With Robal Payroll Reports, you can keep track of all your employees within our software.

Robal Free Trial