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Welcome Roballers!

You may be asking yourself – What’s a “Roballer”?

  • If you are applying for work, then you are a Roballer.
  • Roballers are potential and current employees that can create a profile, store all documents needed for employment anywhere, and selectively send the documents to new and potential employers.
  • Roballers can create a profile and fill out employment paperwork quickly and easily. 
  • Using Robal means Helping The Right People and Right Jobs Find Each Other Fast.
  • NEW FEATURE: Roballers can now use the Application Feature to apply to other companies through their Portal.

To become a Roballer click on the Green button below.

Current Roballers can click on the Gray button to log into their existing account.

Onboarding Documents is easy with Robal

  • Allow Employees to complete paperwork with no errors with our onboarding technology.
  • Reduce questions from staff through our intuitive design
  • Skills management allows for proper hiring and promotional opportunities. 
  • Manage required documents for employment with and without expiration dates.
  • Complete the E-Verification process within the software.
  • Ideal for start-ups and mid-size companies.

New Application Feature

The Application feature allows Roballers to send your resume & tax information to other potential employers.

So you can stop wasting your time filling out tax documents.

With a few clicks, your information is on its way. 

You can check the status of your application and will see a live update once the potential employer accepts or rejects your application.