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Work Opportunity Tax Credit

Unlock the full potential of your Work Opportunity Tax Credit (WOTC) with our user-friendly software. Say goodbye to the tedious task of manually entering information or relying on external companies that take a cut of your credit. Our solution empowers your HR team to effortlessly export and import all WOTC forms to the state, ensuring you maximize your benefits hassle-free.

Work Opportunity Tax Credit

Export WOTC Forms

Employees eligible for the Work Opportunity Tax Credit can conveniently fill out their forms within our software. The initial step involves exporting these forms in preparation for submission to the state.

Import WOTC Forms

Importing your WOTC forms to the state has never been easier. Say goodbye to the manual entry of each employee’s forms with our hassle-free solution!

Get The Most Out Of Your Tax Credit

Why depend on an outside company that takes a percentage to process these credits? With our user-friendly software, you can retain 100% of your tax credit!

Learn How Robal Can Maximize Your WOTC Benefit